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Welcome to our Summer Newsletter, which we hope you find helpful and interesting.

It has been a busy few months here at Hayes. We recently announced the promotion of two new partners in our Property and Healthcare departments, both are very well deserved.

Our Corporate team and Banking and Financial Services Department continue to grow with a number of new appointments, as with other parts of the firm. The ongoing expansion and development of the firm only occurs because of the support of our clients, for which we are very appreciative.

In this Newsletter, we update you with a number of issues and insights which will be relevant to you and your business.

As always, please feel free to contact me at any stage, whether in connection with anything in this edition of the newsletter, or anything else. I always welcome hearing from clients and contacts.

David Phelan
Managing Partner


Local Property Tax Valuation Date Deferred

With the continued increase in house prices over the past number of years there has been renewed focus on how this will affect the annual bill faced every year by home owners for Local Property Tax. Philip Corcoran and Jackie Buckley discuss. Read more

The Gender Pay Gap Information Bill 2019

In April 2019, the Government presented the Gender Pay Gap Information Bill 2019 to the Dáil. Breda O’Malley and Niamh Cassidy provide an overview of the new reporting requirements and what employers can do to prepare for the new legislation. Read more

Data Protection Commission Publishes its First Post-GDPR Annual Report

Laura Fannin and Ruth Prendeville take us through the Data Protection Commission’s first annual report since the introduction of the GDPR. Read more

Dr Who? Healthcare Professionals and the Right to be Forgotten

There has been significant activity across Europe in recent months in relation to healthcare professionals and their ‘right to be forgotten’ in a professional context. Lyn McCarthy and Ruth Prendeville discuss. Read more

First Criminal Prosecutions of ‘Gun-Jumping’ in Ireland by the CCPC

A potentially significant change in Irish competition law enforcement policy has come about as a result of the prosecution of two car dealers for effecting a business merger without first obtaining CCPC approval. Ken Casey takes a look at ‘gun-jumping’ in Ireland. Read more

Virtual Closings

Virtual closings have become a market standard approach in recent years. Tim Waghorn clarifies why lawyers ask for documents to be signed, scanned and emailed in such a prescriptive way and provides guidance on the steps to be followed when closing virtually. Read more

Contractual Duty of Good Faith

In many countries, parties to a contract have an implied duty of good faith to one another. This can have wide-ranging consequences for business owners. Robbie Slattery explores the position in Ireland and other jurisdictions as well as new developments in the area. Read more


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