Data Protection

Our data protection team provides specialised advice on a wide range of data protection issues.

We assist organisations in ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. This includes reviewing and drafting data subject to consent notifications, drafting privacy and data protection policies, drafting data protection agreements, responding to data access requests and dealing with data protection concerns arising from commercial contracts.

We advise our clients on their obligations under the Electronic Privacy Regulations 2011, and we assist clients with the drafting of direct marketing consent clauses. We represent clients in prosecutions taken by the Data Protection Commissioner in respect of breaches of the Electronic Privacy Regulations 2011. 

We also advise our clients on their obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which includes reviewing and updating privacy statements, data protection policies and data processing agreements. Please click here to view our GDPR Compliance Plan.


Our services cover:

  • Data protection compliance advice for data controllers and data processors
  • Drafting privacy policies
  • Drafting data protection policies
  • Advising on data protection issues surrounding direct marketing
  • Drafting and advising on data processing agreements
  • Data access request and exemptions
  • Data Transfer agreements
  • Record retention and deletion advice
  • Dealing with enforcement notices and prosecutions by the Data Protection Commissioner