by Ken Casey , Sabrina Burke July-26-2019 in Commercial & Business, Corporate, Regulatory & Administrative Law

Ireland frequently tops the world rankings in attracting inward investors and international companies across a wide range of sectors.

There are a number of key advantages which make Ireland a leading EU location for FDI and other investment – certain access to the EU’s single market; a flexible, open economy; a well-developed business and legal system; a mature, stable progressive political system; the fastest-growing EU economy; a young, skilled, well-educated, English-speaking workforce; and an attractive, transparent tax regime for business. In considering how best to invest and establish in Ireland, it is essential to have a clear and pragmatic sense of the Irish M&A landscape and current trade.

Head of Corporate, Ken Casey and his team at Hayes solicitors, have authored the Irish Chapter of the latest Chambers and Partners Corporate M&A Guide. In the Guide, the team take us through key trends in the Irish market and the industries experiencing significant M&A activity. They provide an overview of the regulatory field including the primary techniques for acquiring a company in Ireland and the regulations that apply. They also discuss recent legal developments relating to the economy which would be of interest to a company looking to set up in Ireland, stakebuilding, negotiating and structuring deals, directors duties and defensive measures.

You can access the full Corporate M&A Guide here.

For further information, please contact Ken Casey or Sabrina Burke at Hayes solicitors.


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