At Hayes solicitors, our construction team acts for a range of clients operating in the public and private sector, including public bodies, financial institutions (including the main clearing lending banks and direct funders), property developers, construction professionals, contractors, healthcare providers and retailers. We advise on a variety of issues, both contentious and non-contentious.

We have experience in all stages of construction projects and have particular expertise in the construction elements of banking and commercial property transactions. We have advised on a range of secured development finance transactions involving various vehicles including funds, corporations, partnerships and joint venture arrangements. We have advised on a broad range of construction projects, including residential developments, mixed-use developments, primary healthcare centres, schools, commercial/office developments and social housing developments.

We have a strong track record in advising our clients on complex legal issues, successfully managing disputes for our clients and protecting their interests. 


Our services cover:

  • Drafting and negotiating standard and bespoke construction contracts, subcontracts documentation including letters of appointment, collateral warranties, step-in agreements, duty of care agreements and cost overrun guarantees.
  • Advice on construction disputes, mediation and arbitration.
  • Advice on insurance, risk management, planning and health and safety.
  • Advising on compliance with building regulations and building control legislation.
  • Advising leading financial institutions and direct funders in financing the construction of various projects.
  • Advising in structuring and financing of development facilities to various stakeholders on behalf of lending institutions, state bodies and corporates.
  • Negotiating the terms of agreements for lease, leases, forward sale agreements and contracts for sale on:
    • PRS and social and affordable housing schemes including AHBs and local authorities
    • Retail developments
    • Warehousing and distribution centres
  • Advising on development finance for the construction of a number of social housing developments.
  • Procurement and Competition.


  • Advised a number of logistic clients in relation to the construction and letting of warehouses and distribution centres.
  • Advised retail clients in relation to the development of new retail premises in standalone locations and within shopping and town centres.
  • Advised a client in relation to defects in its premises and extension of its remedies pursuant to collateral warranties.
  • Advised a client in relation to its negotiations with a Development Manager and the putting in place of a Development Manager agreement for a mixed use development.
  • Advised in respect of the first criminal prosecutions under Section 18 of the Building Control Act 2007.
  • Drafted a bespoke step-in agreement for a client which has been adopted as their template for similar transactions. 
  • Provided training to leading funding participants in the construction finance sector including the main clearing and lending banks and direct funders with regard to security and construction requirements on development finance and social housing/ AHB transactions.


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