Workplace Investigations

Hayes solicitors’ partners, Breda O’Malley and Anne Lyne are trained, highly experienced workplace investigators who carry out workplace investigations, as a core service offering. They also each have a significant track record advising other workplace investigators in relation to the legal issues that arise.

We conduct independent, professional and confidential workplace investigations on the full spectrum of issues that arise in the workplace, such as grievances, disciplinary appeals, alleged breaches of confidential information, Protected Disclosures (whistleblowing) and other workplace-related issues such as financial mismanagement and impropriety, alleged theft, alleged data protection breaches and bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Our practical experience enables us to proceed with impartiality, sensitivity and efficiency. This guarantees minimum disruption to the organisation hosting the investigation. 


Our services cover:

  • aligning the Terms of Reference of an investigation with the host organisation’s internal policies, in terms of scope, practice and procedures 
  • advising on best practice in investigation procedures 
  • gathering and analysing all evidence provided to support/deny the complaint
  • interviewing/cross examining the relevant parties including the complainant, witnesses and any other parties connected with the complaint
  • writing and circulating a draft report, gathering feedback, and finalising and issuing the report on a limited circulation basis
  • applying various regulatory and sectoral procedures, as they inter-weave with natural justice and fair procedures

We also advise on related topics:

  • natural justice and fair procedures
  • protection of employees’ rights (whether complainant, respondent or witnesses)
  • compliance with internal protocols
  • relevant regulatory and legal requirements


  • Our investigators offer strategic, tailored, training for HR practitioners, managers and in-house counsel who may wish to gain experience in dealing with complicated workplace investigations.


We frequently advise high profile investigators on legal issues relevant to investigation processes, whether with respect to identifying a Protected Disclosure, guiding in respect of witnesses, defending challenges to investigation processes and decisions, up to High Court litigation / injunction applications in respect of the investigations.

We advise clients in a wide range of sectors including charity, education, financial services, healthcare, public, retail, technology and private multinationals.

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