by David Phelan October-02-2020 in Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Media Law, Commercial & Business

A recent report by the European Commission has expressed concern about Ireland's defamation laws.  The comments appear in the Commission Staff Working Document relating to Ireland, as part of its 2020 Rule of Law Report. You can access the full text here

The Report notes that frequent defamation claims, the high costs of defending claims and the high damages awarded in Irish claims, are seen as a constraint to media freedom and a detriment to reporting on corruption. 

It goes on to reference a recommendation of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe from 2016, which said that "Member States should put in place a comprehensive legislative framework that enables journalists and other media actors to contribute to public debate effectively and without fear". 

The Report notes that the Government here has pledged to reform defamation law and that proposals for reform are expected early next year. The proposals are awaited with interest.

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