March-14-2017 in Property

Landlords are unable to claim NPPR (non principal private residence) charges against their tax bills because the State is appealing a judgment that would allow them claim the money back from the Revenue Commissioners.

Last month the High Court decided that the NPPR charge could be claimed against tax following a case taken by a landlord. That opened up the possibility that tens of millions of euro being repaid to landlords by the Revenue Commissioners.

The details of the appeal emerged in the Dail last week.

The Finance Minister Michael Noonan T.D. said that any repayment claims received within the statutory time limit (i.e. 4 years), as they apply to each year of assessment, will be retained and processed when the outcome of the appeal case is known.

It is not known how long the Court of Appeal will take to decide on the issue.

In the interim, landlords who paid NPPR and paid tax on rental income would be well advised to submit claims for a refund of the tax they overpaid.

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