Hayes has a very active corporate social responsibility programme. We strive to conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable manner. We recognise that we are part of many communities – legal, corporate, client related, to name a few. As such we aim to sustain lasting and trusting relationships built on mutual respect and active partnership. The principles of our corporate social responsibility and sustainable polices are:

  1. To minimise any negative impact on local communities and environment - through smart and sustainable ways of working and purchasing decisions.  We have adopted an environmental policy to reduce our environmental footprint.
  2. To seek opportunities to make positive contributions financially, socially and economically to our workforce, clients and the community at large. We are an equal opportunities employer and promote diversity and cultural awareness.
  3. To consult with local communities on activities that might have an impact on them and to actively support their initiatives and to manage those impacts sensibly and sensitively. We are an active supporter of the Public Interest Law Alliance and FLAC.
  4. To encourage and facilitate employees in giving their time and expertise to support local initiatives. A number of our solicitors are actively involved in many charities and organisations as board members and volunteers
  5. To promote corporate giving and charitable donations, sponsorship and pro bono services. We do this mainly through partnership with local organisations that are relevant to our business and to our partners and staff.