by Kevin Dunne June-15-2016 in Healthcare Law, Regulatory & Administrative Law

The Medical Council published its updated Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics for registered medical practitioners (8th edition) and launched the publication at an event in the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield, Dublin, on 17 May 2016.

Professor Freddie Wood, President of the Medical Council, addressed a large audience. He stressed the importance of advocacy by doctors on behalf of their patients and the need to take a proactive leadership role in this regard.

Dr Audrey Dillon, Vice President of the Medical Council, also spoke on the changes within the guide to reflect current practices. These include amendments and further guidance in the areas of equality and diversity, consent, social media, relationships between colleagues, clinical handover, protection of vulnerable persons, confidential disclosures, medical records, prescribing, telemedicine and conscientious objections.

"Three pillars of professionalism” are also identified in the new guide as providing good care in the form of partnership, practice and performance. The guidelines are effective immediately and it is therefore important for doctors to familiarise themselves with them. The updated guide is available online on the Medical Council website - click here.

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